Welcome to our second Session Spotlight, a series of posts where we will highlight the Culinary & Nutrition Session of Together We Care 2018.

Second up to bat in the spotlight, is Chef Daryl Neamtu. Chef Daryl will bring his experiences from both the Long Term Care and Retirement Home sectors to the stage, sharing why your home should have a Red Seal Chef. Chef Daryl will offer insights into how to maximize the skills of a Red Seal Chef but also how to balance some of the challenges they may face in health care settings. Join Chef Daryl as he bridges the gap between culinary flare and food service.

Session Title: Why a Red Seal Chef?

Date: Wednesday April 11th 2018

Time: 1:oopm – 1:30pm

Room: Waxman 1

Presenter: Chef Daryl Neamtu, Owner of DN Hospitality

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All Culinary & Nutrition sessions are joint for retirement and long term care.