The Seasons Care Team would like to thank all of our clients, partners and Dietitians who, through decades of meaningful and collaborative partnerships, have helped Seasons Care to grow into the company we are today.

Seasons Care was founded in 1996 by Carol Donovan. Carol, a Registered Dietitian and passionate “foodie”, has devoted her life’s work and enthusiasm to find ways to make eating more enjoyable for Seniors across Canada. Her sincerity, innovation and passion for the Seniors Living Sector has led Seasons Care to the industry leaders they are today.

To learn more about Carol and the history of Seasons Care, click here.


As a family-operated company, we live by our values and we celebrate our many amazing team members who embody our values while making a difference in the lives of those we serve. To learn more about our Annual Value Award Winners, click here.

Meet the Leadership and Support Team

The Seasons Care Leadership and Support Team oversees the entire operation of the network including the organization, coordination, training and management of our “Network of Knowledge”. Each Team member plays a critical role in the success of our clients’ dietary programs. Driven by our values and commitment to excellent service, our Leadership and Support Team is built to support our clients, partners and Registered Dietitians to provide innovative, industry leading services.

Ashley Alves
Ashley AlvesOperations Coordinator
Samantha Bombardier, NM
Samantha Bombardier, NMCorporate Nutrition Manager
Kyle Donovan, BA
Kyle Donovan, BAVice President
Kim Meloche
Kim Meloche Administration Manager
Misha Roy, RD
Misha Roy, RDCorporate Dietitian
Katrina Anciado, RD
Katrina Anciado, RDCorporate Dietitian
Amber Bremner, RD
Amber Bremner, RDCorporate Dietitian
Breanne Drury, RD
Breanne Drury, RDCorporate Dietitian
Twinkle Patel, RD
Twinkle Patel, RDCorporate Dietitian
Stacey Scaman, RD
Stacey Scaman, RDCorporate Dietitian
Dana Anglin
Dana Anglin Operations Manager
Carol Donovan, RD
Carol Donovan, RDPresident
Natalie Klaver, RD
Natalie Klaver, RDCorporate Dietitian
Alex Pirrone, NM
Alex Pirrone, NMVice President, Nutrition & Food Service
Rachel Troshupa, RD
Rachel Troshupa, RDDietary Operations Lead