Carol Donovan is passionate about life and caring for others. She is a true ‘foodie’ in every sense of the word and prides herself on her entrepreneurial spirit.

This Ryerson University Graduate has worked in every aspect of the food service industry from dishwasher to launching her own catering company.

It was her entrepreneurial spirit that led her to the field of Long Term Care well before it was a popular place to practice. In 1996, Carol started the consulting dietitian company, Seasons Care. Seasons Care Inc. is now the largest consulting dietitian network in Canada. The company continues to grow and excel.

The Seasons Care Difference is our “Network”. When you partner with Seasons Care, you are receiving the knowledge and resources of a vast network of Registered Dietitians. We have subject matter experts on every component in the Dietetics field, readily available to support you, your home, your organization and most importantly, your residents. Driven by Carol’s vision and leadership, we are passionate about offering you Canada’s best Dietitian services.

Carol Donovan RD – President

How did the name Seasons Care come to be?

Carol responds:

“When I was a young girl we lived in Toronto and my mom worked at the “Four Seasons Inn on the Park” hotel. It no longer exists as such but at that time it was a wonderful hotel overlooking the beautiful parks of the Don Valley. Being a “foodie” my memories of the hotel were about the fabulous food they served there. I remember at Christmas they had these magnificent parties for the staff members – one was held for all the children and one for adults. Even as a child my preference was the food at the adults party. I can still visualize buffet tables for miles loaded with fantastic food served with artistic flare. To me it was magical!

As early as 5 years old I remember “lunch dates” with by dad (where my true love of all things culinary came from) at the hotel restaurant called “The Buttery”. I fell in love with their homemade butter mints…and took handfuls home each time I left the place.

That hotel was a magical place to me and I still dream of it. I even have a menu cover from one of the restaurants in the hotel framed and hanging in my kitchen. Sometime when I was very little I decided that if I had a restaurant I would call it the “Four Seasons”. I loved their logo with a tree with each season on it. So my first catering company was called “Seasons” in honour of my fond childhood memories. When the company grew and we started to provide services in the area of Long Term Care the name of the company evolved to “Seasons Care” as it is known today.

To this day the names “Seasons” means many things to me besides fond childhood memories. I associate it with the “Seasons of the Year” by always incorporating a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables into our menu planning. “Seasons” to me also reflects the “Seasoning of Food”. I believe in adding ingredients to flavour your food, creatively using herbs and spices to enhance the entire dining experience. I even feel the Dietitians I hire are the best and are well “Seasoned” to the profession and the industry. I take pride in hiring dietitians and food service managers who are passionate about our clients, about food and food service and who have the courage to “spice things up a bit”.

And finally, “Seasons” reflects the concept of the “Seasons of your Life”. Although we do service all age groups our primary focus is on the elderly. It is a privilege to care for this population and I hope the success of the company reflects the level of care we provide. Our goal is to provide our clients with a service that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations as well.”