Welcome to our third Session Spotlight, a series of posts where we highlight the Culinary & Nutrition Sessions of Together We Care 2018.

For number three – we bring you two … wait, what? Two presenters that is! Join Dr.Heather Keller and Laura Garcia as they share their work on Culture Change. More specifically how to enact a change in culture in your workplace that can help in improving Residents dining experiences. We will give you a hint … it starts with buy in! Getting everyone involved and on board is a fundamental step in evoking change. This session will share real studied success stories and will allow participants to work in groups to drive the learnings home.


Session Title: Relational and Person-Centered Culture Change: Improving the Residents Dining Experience

Date: Tuesday April 10th 2018

Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Room: Waxman 1

Presenter: Dr. Heather Keller, University of Waterloo and Laura Garcia, Alzheimer’s Society

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All Culinary & Nutrition sessions are joint for retirement and long term care.