In 2018 we launched a new Recognition Program to highlight the awesome Seasons Care Consultants for their hard work and dedication.  Our three pronged approach to recognition involves social media shout outs, years of service acknowledgement and annual awards.

  1. Cherry on Top – is our informal shout out program. We will be sending a virtual Cherry on Top to Consultants that are recognized by their peers for going above and beyond in their daily duties and interactions with Residents, Families, Peers and Co-Workers. Anyone can send a Cherry on Top – so if you would like to recognize someone from the Seasons Care team, we invite you to email your nomination to Alex (
  2. Years of Service – each quarter in our seasonal newsletter we will be recognizing Consultants that have worked with Seasons Care for 5/10/15/20 years. Even as a consulting network, we have been fortunate to have long-term dedicated consultants.
  3. Annual Value Awards – near the end of the calendar year, Seasons Care will be reaching out to all of their clients inviting them to nominate any Consultants that may embody our 7 values (caring, integrity, excellence, commitment, teamwork, creativity and accountability). The Value Awards sub-committee will review all nominations and winners will be named in early 2019.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements on the Recognition Program throughout the year!