Welcome to this weeks Session Spotlight, a series of posts where we highlight the Culinary & Nutrition Sessions of Together We Care 2018.

This session will delve into the results of 2017 RQI results across the province, focusing on the outcomes related to Dietary and Nutrition. As part of her role on the Ontario Long Term Care Action Group, Dale Mayerson reviews all the public RQI report from the previous year to make her analysis. What are the results of these inspections? How is my home doing compared to others? What is the Ministry focusing on in food service? This presentation will enlighten us as to what the struggles and trends are in the industry and empower us to make changes and goals that will address these areas.


Session Title: Review of RQI Findings

Date: Tuesday April 10th 2018

Time: 3:45pm – 4:15pm

Room: Waxman 1

Presenter: Dale Mayerson, co-chair of Ontario Long Term Care Action Group

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All Culinary & Nutrition sessions are joint for retirement and long term care.