📢 OSNAC FNAT has released a survey on Dietary Education for LTC. Everyone working in LTC is encouraged to complete this survey by May 19th.

The MLTC recently announced changes to certification requirements for food service workers and cooks in LTC. The changes now allow LTC homes to hire staff without academic certification if they have experience in food service from other industries, such as hospitality, restaurants or hospitals. These changes are welcomed to support the staffing crisis but also a chance to bring in different skill sets to our LTC homes. The responsibility for necessary training and orientation of these new staff however, will be on the LTC homes. OSNAC and FNAT are recommending the creation of a library of free, accessible, online educational modules to support LTC homes in training new dietary staff.

A survey is being conducted to collect data on the need for these resources from LTC homes in Ontario and they need your input!

Please share this survey as widely as possible. The more responses and feedback provided, the greater the opportunity to advocate for the availability of these resources for our LTC homes across Ontario.

Who should complete this survey? Anyone that understands or is involved with educational development or the onboarding of dietary staff. We are looking forward to hearing from different roles within the home. This may include:

  • Administrators/DOCs
  • Educational leads in the home
  • Nutrition Managers
  • Food Service Supervisors
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Corporate / Management

Click here to complete the survey today!