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2022 Value Award Winners Announced!

2022 Value Award Winners Announced!

The Value Awards seek to recognize Seasons Care team members who embody one of the 7 company values – Caring, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork, Creativity and Accountability.

At Seasons Care, it is our tremendously talented group of Registered Dietitians who are making a difference in the lives of those we serve each and every day. We are so proud to announce the winners of our 4th Annual Seasons Care Value Awards. We received nearly 50 nominations from our valued clients, and a committee was formed to evaluate the nominations and select the recipients. After such a challenging year, it was hard to narrow down the choices as everyone went above and beyond, as such we have selected 2 winners in each category this year.

And the winners are….. *drum-roll please*

CARING – This person takes pride in their services and are compassionate about their clients’ success and satisfaction.

Rebecca H., RD

“Rebecca is a polite and considerate person towards all staff and Residents. She understands our Residents needs and respects their opinions. Rebecca is a very flexible person and is always willing to help out. She is also very approachable and willing to discuss things as they come up. She genuinely enjoys her work as a Registered Dietitian.”

Kim S., RD

“Since I started in my NCM role, Kim has been so supportive, caring and a wonderful team worker within the Home. She has helped so many Residents with their dietary needs and as the NCM we make a great team.”

INTEGRITY – This person adheres to moral and ethical principles to ensure legislation and corporate standards are exceeded.

Celine S., RD

“Celine’s personality is always uplifting. She is committed to fulfill her obligations and more, showing dedication and commitment to complete all tasks on time. Celine is always committed and available to communicate and answer any questions or concerns that need to be addressed immediately.”

Kim M., RD

“Kim will always stop to greet everyone with a smile and ask them “how are you doing”. She is very supportive of all disciplines. She has great rapport with families, staff and Residents. Kim has become part of our team, she is always willing to help.”

EXCELLENCE – As a leader, this person has built their success on excellent service and outstanding results.

Emliee N., RD

“Emilee is a sensitive and compassionate member of our team. We are delighted Emilee joined us, her expertise and skill are treasured and respected by us all. Emilee is a pleasure to be around, so professional, genuine and honest, a rare treasure.”

Charlene A., RD

“Charlene is extremely dedicated to our Residents and team. She is professional and always puts the residents first. Her ability to fit in and be part of our team has been exceptional. Charlene also volunteers her time to participate in outings with our Residents. Charlene is a valued team member.”

COMMITMENT – This person is committed to the success of their client’s dietary programs and consistently strives for complete client satisfaction.

Carly C., RD

“Carly is an instrumental part of our team. She is a great communicator and had has great relationships with our Residents, staff and families. We are lucky to have her and so are our Residents!”

Pauline B., RD

“Pauline is an extremely hard worker and she cares about the Residents. She is very positive and great with the Residents! She advocates for the Residents when needed. She is reliable, professional, helpful and kind. She is a pleasure to work with.”

TEAMWORK – This person works positively and closely with their clients and staff to provide a unified service delivering on your needs.

Jessica W., RD

“Jessica is an amazing asset to our Home. She has built a strong rapport with Residents, families and staff a like. They trust her because of her ability to relate to others, she communicates compassionately and listens to their needs. We are so thankful to have her apart of our TEAM!”

Supreeta R., RD

“Supreeta aims to ensure that the care of the Residents are her number one priority. She works with all levels of the interdisciplinary team as well as family members extremely well. She is an excellent advocate for the Residents, her profession, and communicates with the team members before, during, and after care. She is a pleasure to work with, and is an excellent addition to our care team.”

CREATIVITY – This person identifies creative solutions and constantly challenges the status quo to always stay ahead of changing legislative, educational and industry evolution.

Janice B., RD

“Janice has been an amazing addition to our team and deserves to be recognized for her work with our Residents and staff. She is always willing to help update and improve upon our dietary program, works great with other staff and assists with questions & solutions to improve the lives of our Residents. She is always friendly with everyone she speaks with.”

Shereen K., RD

“Shereen is very kind with the Residents, she is a very pleasant person to work with. She has very good ideas and has implemented some reports that are very useful for us in our Home. Her work is always completed on time, and her reports are very precise. She goes beyond every day, we love her here!”

ACCOUNTABILITY – This person holds themselves accountable to do what they say.

Mili Y., RD

“Being a new team member, Mili has made herself familiar with Residents, staff, and the process in place. She works relentlessly and follows best practices. Mili is a great addition to our team, Home and Residents!”

Kristina D., RD

“Kristina is quick to reply for any referrals, she is able to attend any meetings with Residents’ family members. Kristina is knowledgeable and a great asset to our team. She is easy to talk to, friendly and always takes the time to say hello!”

Congratulations to all of our Seasons Care Value Award Winners for embodying and exemplifying our values daily with the Residents, Families and Clients we serve!

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