The first annual Seasons Care Value Awards have come to a close! After a whopping 47 nominations from our valued clients, a committee was formed to evaluate the nominations and winners were selected.

The Value Awards seek to recognize Seasons Care team members who embody one of the 7 company values – Caring, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork, Creativity and Accountability.

And the winners are….. *drum-roll please*

CARING – This person takes pride in their services and are compassionate about their clients’ success and satisfaction.


Mairi L. RD – CARING 

“Mairi is a kind and caring person who has a gentle disposition when dealing with the Residents, their family members and staff. Mairi is a valued member of our team, she always goes above and beyond our expectations…”



Stephanie B. RD – CARING

“Stephanie always ensures she is involved in the solution. She never brings a concern to the table without having a suggested solution. Stephanie works very well with Nursing, the FSM and Dietary Staff.”




INTEGRITY – This person adheres to moral and ethical principles to ensure legislation and corporate standards are exceeded.


Jennifer N. RD – INTEGRITY

“Jennifer has excellent follow up and communicates to all those who need information clearly and consistently. She is committed to ensure our Residents receive their proper nutritional needs and that they are satisfied.”





“Cherie is very detail oriented and ensures the Residents receive the best nutritional care possible. She also advocates for other areas as needed when she sees a gap or area for improvement.”




EXCELLENCE – As a leader, this person has built their success on excellent service and outstanding results.




“Michelle’s expertise is demonstrated in her progress notes in charts, and in her communication with the MOH on visits to the Home as well as with Residents and families. Her calm, compassionate approach is so very appreciated.”





“Breena continually performs tasks and responsibilities that help our organization achieve a goal. We would be lost without her professionalism, caring nature, teamwork, accountability and smile.”




COMMITMENT – This person is committed to the success of their client’s dietary programs and consistently strives for complete client satisfaction.



“It was hard to decide which value to nominate Teresa for, as she exemplifies all of them each and every day. When we have a complicated case, Teresa is committed and is always there to support the team.”






“Jennifer is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the Residents’ needs are met. She is committed to ensure that the home is in compliance at all times, and steps in to help whenever needed.”




TEAMWORK – This person works positively and closely with their clients and staff to provide a unified service delivering on your needs.


“Celine is a very important member of our team. She knows the Residents, families and staff – and they know her too. She also helps us on our Theme Days, even if it means dressing up in a strange outfit.”





“Misha has quickly become a valued member of our team. She communicates effectively in team meetings and participates and responds to requests and referrals.”




CREATIVITY – This person identifies creative solutions and constantly challenges the status quo to always stay ahead of changing legislative, educational and industry evolution.



“Maha always goes above and beyond to bring a creative and fun approach to the workplace. Every year in March she does a huge display for staff for Nutrition Month.”




Stacey S., Corporate RD – CREATIVITY 

“Stacey’s clear direction, communication skills and commitment to quality has truly fostered a team approach. She is creative and solution driven in creating programs that enhance our culinary department.”




ACCOUNTABILITY – This person  holds themselves accountable to do what they say.



“Peiman goes above and beyond. He greets us all with a smile. Peiman works hard to ensure all Residents needs are met. He is a very dedicated accountable RD.”




Kim M., Administration Manager – ACCOUNTABILITY

“Since I started with with Seasons Care, Kim has been amazing making sure that everything is taken care of. She is always there to promptly respond to any questions or concerns with empathy and understanding.”





Congratulations to all of our Seasons Care Value Award Winners for embodying and exemplifying our values daily with the Residents, Families and Clients we serve!