Just like our “Food First” philosophy with our Dietitian Services, our “Safe Swallow” philosophy focuses entirely on the well-being and contentment of your Residents.

Did you know that swallowing occurs effortlessly in healthy persons more than 1000 times per day? Swallowing is essential for nourishment and hydration and is central to social events in our daily lives. For many persons in Long Term Care, drinking and eating are difficult tasks, and for some, mealtimes are unpleasant and unsafe.

Speech-Language Pathologists are regulated health care professionals and play a primary role in the evaluation and treatment of adults with swallowing and feeding disorders. Seasons Care SLPs strive to provide client-centered service, with dietary, cultural, and personal needs of the resident in mind. Improvement and positive change toward a “Safe Swallows” can be accomplished through comprehensive assessment and appropriate therapy planning, where the resident, family and staff are integral parts of the team.

Helping residents improve their ability to eat and drink safely results in overall improvement in their quality of life.

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