Although the holidays can bring great cheer, it can also contribute to the feeling of loneliness for some. This year more than ever, it’s especially important to connect with our Residents and our loved ones. A great way to connect with our Residents, and others in general, is using the power of FOOD! The power of food can do more than we can imagine, it can satisfy our emotions during difficult times and can provide comfort, it can release the feel-good hormone dopamine and it is also often tied to positive memories- i.e. hosting dinner parties with loved ones.

Don’t forget about social connection! Food helps provide that sense of belonging and can be used as an expression of compassion. It is also a great conversation starter! “That smells so good, what is that, can I have the recipe?”

Make it Fun during the Holidays!

During Meal Service:

  • Provide a specialty drink to Residents upon entering the dining room (i.e. Sparkling Cocktail)
  • Provide a traditional dessert such as Rum Fruitcake, Bibingka (rice-coconut cheesecake), Linzer Torte (pastry made from currant jam) or Yule Logs

During Snack Service:

  • Offer a holiday beverage such as Spiced Hot Chocolate or Eggnog
  • Offer a traditional snack such as Speculaas (spicy ginger cookies) or Kalkals (sweet fried pastry)

Host an Activity:

  • Create individual cookie decorating kits and decorate cookies with a small group or complete one-on-one
  • This activity can allow Residents to practice their food skills and connect with others
  • While assisting, discuss with the Residents their favourite cookies and don’t forget to share yours!