Dietitian On Your Doorstep:

As the landscape of Seniors Care evolves, so do Seniors’ nutritional needs, preferences and goals. At Seasons Care, we have studied and understood that evolution, which we refer to as the “New Senior”. The New Senior has a much better understanding of nutrition and its relation to health. They have higher expectations of the food they are offered as well as the dining experience itself. Many of the New Seniors are also coming into our Homes with more complex healthcare and nutritional needs.

We built our Dietitian On Your Doorstep program to offer our services to Residents of your Homes without any obligation or commitment from you. We deliver our services as requested by Residents, Families or your Staff.

Offering this program to your Residents is as easy as:

  • Contact Us
  • Information Package is Provided
  • Service Requested by Residents, Families or Staff
  • Dietitian schedules visit with Resident

Contact Us today to learn how Seasons Care can support You!


Additional Services We Offer:

  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Menu Planning & Reviews
  • Dietary Department Audits
  • Education for Residents
  • Education for Staff