Seasons Care provides guidance, management services and education to multiple Corporations. As organizations are becoming more and more focused on employee and client health, we are here to support those efforts. From corporate health initiatives to corporate oversight of health care and dietary programs, we are here to support your corporate goals

We Offer:

  • Speakers – we have a vast variety of topics and speakers available to present to your corporation and clients. From conferences to small group education, we have subject matter experts ready to support your drive towards a healthier and stronger workplace.
  • In-Services – we provide monthly in-services to Corporations to enhance their food service and dietary offerings, with a strong focus on resident and client satisfaction.
  • Corporate Dietitians – we offer Corporate Dietitian Services, from part-time to full-time RDs. Our Corporate Dietitians oversee the entire dietary program of your organization to ensure consistency, accuracy and progress throughout your company.
  • Consulting – we offer consulting services, on an as needed basis for any dietary and food service needs.
  • Support – our network of Dietitians are ready and able to support your organization through any temporary recruitment and position coverage required.
  • Caring, Committed, Creative – we believe that these values are the basis of a strong organization. As such, we understand your corporate initiatives and customize our approach to each corporation to provide services tailored specifically to your needs.
  • 100% Service Guarantee