The Value Awards seek to recognize Seasons Care team members who embody one of the 7 company values – Caring, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork, Creativity and Accountability.

At Seasons Care, it is our tremendously talented group of Registered Dietitians who are making a difference in the lives of those we serve each and every day. We are so proud to announce the winners of our 3rd Annual Seasons Care Value Awards. We received 47 nominations from our valued clients, and a committee was formed to evaluate the nominations and select the recipients. After such a challenging year, it was hard to narrow down the choices as everyone went above and beyond, as such we have selected 2 winners in each category this year.

And the winners are….. *drum-roll please*

CARING – This person takes pride in their services and are compassionate about their clients’ success and satisfaction.

Andrea I. RD – CARING 

“Andrea is always willing to assist, comes up with great ideas and is a valued team member. She has stepped up even more during the pandemic.”

Natalie K. RD – CARING 

“Natalie is deserving to be nominated because she is very conscientious, professional and thorough. Residents and staff find her very caring and very approachable.”

INTEGRITY – This person adheres to moral and ethical principles to ensure legislation and corporate standards are exceeded.

Stacey S. Corporate RD – INTEGRITY

“Stacey is a pleasure to work with, she is knowledgeable and approachable. She is always available to provide useful feedback and advice.”


“Rachel adheres to policies and procedures and takes initiative for ongoing improvement. She has a wonderful rapport with Residents, families and the leadership team.”

EXCELLENCE – As a leader, this person has built their success on excellent service and outstanding results.

Twinkle P. Corporate RD – EXCELLENCE

“I am nominating Twinkle for her awesome leadership skills. She is flexible, accommodating and gives sound advice. When facing challenges, whether big or small, she always shares her perspective and offers a solution.” 


“Elna works so well with our community and it is always a pleasure to have her with us. Elna always has the Residents best interest at heart and is always willing to go above and beyond.”

COMMITMENT – This person is committed to the success of their client’s dietary programs and consistently strives for complete client satisfaction.


“Noreen is committed to the Residents, families and staff members. Her commitment to professionalism is outstanding, everyone is treated with respect, integrity and caring.”


“Pooja is consistent and committed in delivering thorough knowledge with a positive attitude in our community. She demonstrates a commitment to the service she delivers as our RD and Team Member. “

TEAMWORK – This person works positively and closely with their clients and staff to provide a unified service delivering on your needs.

Kristen L. RD – TEAMWORK

“During our outbreak Kristen helped out in other roles – including dietary aide and office support. Kristen is quick and smart, and through the pandemic we have gotten to know her even more.”


“Mai fits right in with our whole team. She is a real team player with a great sense of humour, she is easy to talk to you and always works with the whole team to ensure Residents needs are met. “

CREATIVITY – This person identifies creative solutions and constantly challenges the status quo to always stay ahead of changing legislative, educational and industry evolution.

Jennifer A. RD – CREATIVITY 

“Jennifer is always looking for new and creative ways to meet the ever-changing nutritional needs of our Residents. Jennifer is open to and actively develops critical pathways to promote Resident health and future stability.”


“Our entire management team stands behind this nomination for Lynsey, she is excellent. She can be counted on to think outside of the box when needed to find solutions and success for the Residents. “

ACCOUNTABILITY – This person  holds themselves accountable to do what they say.


“Kellseigh is always willing to go above and beyond at our home, staying late and putting in extra time when needed. She is such a team player and an absolute pleasure to work with.”


“Bridget helps the team with clinical work whenever she can, she helps out in extra ways whenever needed. She is dependable and has a caring personality and great work ethic.”

Congratulations to all of our Seasons Care Value Award Winners for embodying and exemplifying our values daily with the Residents, Families and Clients we serve!