At Seasons Care, it is our tremendously talented group of Registered Dietitians who are making a difference in lives of those we serve each and every day. We are so proud to announce the winners of our 2nd Annual Seasons Care Value Awards. After receiving over 40 nominations from our valued clients, a committee was formed to evaluate the nominations and winners were selected.

The Value Awards seek to recognize Seasons Care team members who embody one of the 7 company values – Caring, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Teamwork, Creativity and Accountability.

And the winners are….. *drum-roll please*


CARING – This person takes pride in their services and are compassionate about their clients’ success and satisfaction.

Cathy R. RD – CARING 

“Cathy is committed to our home. She works well with staff and Residents alike. She always comes with strategies to overcome barriers versus just pointing out the issue.”



INTEGRITY – This person adheres to moral and ethical principles to ensure legislation and corporate standards are exceeded.


“Kelly is a dedicated, professional dietitian. She ensures the clients needs’ as well their families are always exceeded.”


EXCELLENCE – As a leader, this person has built their success on excellent service and outstanding results.

Katrina A. Corporate Dietitian – EXCELLENCE

“Katrina is always professional and approachable, she listens and offers feedback, she prioritizes risk and she is a team player.  Katrina cares about the end result: the happiness and well-being of our Residents.”


COMMITMENT – This person is committed to the success of their client’s dietary programs and consistently strives for complete client satisfaction.


“Amber is the definition of  committed. Her efficiency on a day to day basis allows her to help out anytime she is needed. Her positive attitude make her very easy to work with.” 


TEAMWORK – This person works positively and closely with their clients and staff to provide a unified service delivering on your needs.


“Without Morag, we would not accomplish or fulfill our Residents needs as she works diligently until everything is done to everyones satisfaction.”


CREATIVITY – This person identifies creative solutions and constantly challenges the status quo to always stay ahead of changing legislative, educational and industry evolution.


“Gloria has all the qualities listed . She has been with company for more then 10 years and she is very caring, creative and has a great sense of commitment. “


ACCOUNTABILITY – This person  holds themselves accountable to do what they say.


“Masoud is very accountable, caring and committed. He ensures all clinical matters are solved. He goes above and beyond in his responsibilities to make sure all Residents are being cared for. “



Congratulations to all of our Seasons Care Value Award Winners for embodying and exemplifying our values daily with the Residents, Families and Clients we serve!