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Mission Statement

Through a creative and solution driven approach to dietary consulting, we empower our clients to provide excellent and caring dietary services.


  • Caring – We take pride in our services and are compassionate about our clients’ success and satisfaction.

  • Integrity – We adhere to moral and ethical principles to ensure legislation and corporate standards are achieved or exceeded.

  • Excellence – As the industry leader, we have built our success on excellent service and outstanding results.

  • Commitment – We are steadfastly committed to the success of our client’s dietary programs and consistently strive for complete client satisfaction.

  • Teamwork – We work positively and closely with our clients, client staff and Seasons Care staff to provide a unified service delivering our clients’ needs.

  • Creativity – We identify creative solutions and constantly challenge the status quo to always stay ahead of changing legislative, educational and industry evolutions.

  • Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to do what we say.


Everybody eats.  Not everybody eats well.  Dietary planning is a vital component to everyday life.  As the largest network of Registered Dietitians in Canada, Seasons Care prides itself on sharing its depth of knowledge and providing an essential service, allowing those who benefit from our services to know they are eating well.

  • Menu Planning

  • Nutritional Consulting

  • Clinical Assessments

  • Counseling

  • Educational Programs

  • Corporate and Group Presentations

  • Quality Assurance Programs
    – Corporate Guidance
    – Policies and Procedures
    – Audits

Although our programs and services are tailored to all walks of life, we find our most important demographic is the elderly.  Every home, nursing home, retirement home and long term care facility in Ontario is obligated to demonstrate compliance with Ontario Regulation 79/10 made under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, the Charitable Institutions Act 1990/2003 and the Retirement Home Act 2010.  Through dietary review, auditing and planning, we are able to provide our clients with programs that allow them to meet and exceed industry standards and practices. Additionally, we develop educational programs to properly promote and communicate the expectations of the dietary programs to all front line health care staff thus ensuring a seamless transition from concept to practice.

Since 1996, Seasons Care Dietitian Network has and continues to provide clients with exceptional dietary care consulting, management and education through industry leading expertise, strategic partnerships, exceptional staff and forecasting industry evolutions.