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A variety of corporate and/or group in-services, seminars and public speaking presentations are available through Seasons Care. Talks are customized to suit your audience and additional topics are available.

Our current presentations include:

  • “Fundamentals Of Fine Dining”
  • “Guest” Who Is Coming To Dinner – Promoting Hospitality In LTC”
  • “Catering To A Crowd” – How To Feed A Large Number Of People In A Short Period Of Time
  • “Back Of The House” – How The Kitchen Is Run Efficiently
  • “Food First” – Creative Ways To Use Food Over Supplements
  • “Puree Perfection”- Making Puree Foods That Residents Will Eat
  • “Every Chart Tells A Story”- Nutrition Care Planning In LTC
  • “Plate Presentation” – Garnishing And Food Plating
  • “Apples-To-Apples” – Auditing Food Service And Nutritional Care In LTC
  • “FAST” – Feeding And Swallowing Team Development/Dysphaghia Management
  • “Wellness In The Workplace” – Invest In Your Health: Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis And/Or Cancer Prevention
  • “Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks Back To The Care Giver”
  • Stress Relieving Strategies
  • Food Demos
  • Other topics as required