We have had the privilege of working with Seasons Care, for approximately 15 years. A leader and innovator in their field, Carol, and the entire Seasons Care team have consistently provided Jarlette Health Services with contracted RD services which are second to none. Everyone at Seasons Care has helped to make our partnership a successful one through collaborative partnerships which have not only met our needs, but exceeded our expectations. As such, I would highly recommend Seasons Care as your provider of contracted RD services.

Julia King

Chief Operating Officer
Jarlette Health Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Seasons Care since February, 2006. Over the years, I have been offered contracts in wonderful LTC facilities and have been able to work the hours and days best suited to my schedule. I have also received continuing education, problem solving techniques and praise for a job well done. It would be difficult to find individuals more dedicated to and supportive of their RD team than Carol and Kim. These ladies have supported me both professionally and personally and I could never see myself affiliated with anyone else. I am very proud to call myself a Seasons Care dietitian!

Diane Hatt RD

Consulting Dietitian
Seasons Care Inc.

Thank you Carol for your proactive approach to meeting our needs both corporately and at our individual LTC homes. Love your team of professional Registered Dietitians and support staff and the full range of dietary consulting services they provide. Seasons Care is a great fit with our company, we greatly value our partnership with You!

Kathy Morningstar

Resident Care Consultant
APANS Health Services

We are all very fortunate to work with you! I truly believe that nutrition and dietetics, in our LTC homes, wouldn’t be what it is without your guidance and expertise.

Meredith McQuade RD

Consulting Dietitian
Seasons Care Inc.

Caressant Care has utilized services from Seasons Care for almost ten years. Seasons Care have supplied professional, conscientious dietitians for several of our homes. Season’s Care is reliable, affordable, and dependable. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Carol Hepting

Vice President of Operations
Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes Ltd.

My work experiences over the past 10 years with Seasons Care has given me a feeling of great satisfaction. Long-term care inherently provides opportunities to make a significant difference in the quality of life for so many people. The work with the residents is so rewarding and opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration in unparalleled. Seasons Care has provided me with the flexibility in hours, days of work and a variety of work locations that I desire professionally. Carol Donovan ensured I was able to stay at home, for the amount of time I needed, when my two children were born – the transitions back to work have been seamless! It is a great joy to work with someone who has been able to help me balance being a registered dietitian and a mum!

Mairi Lenover RD

Consulting Dietitian
Seasons Care Inc

Seasons Care is great! Seasons Care is dependable!

Chris Weber

Nutritional Care Coordinator
OMNI Health Care

The nutritional services provided to our homes by Seasons Care Registered Dietitians is of high quality and consists of development of therapeutic nutritional and hydration plans of care for all residents following assessment using established tools including MDS-RAI 2.0, assessment and care plan development for residents deemed at high nutritional risk quarterly or more often as indicated, completion of nutrition referrals as required and development of interventions to manage residents at risk related to weight loss, choking, wounds or other issues. The RD will complete a progress note monthly on any resident with a Stage II or greater wound to ensure that the appropriate interventions are in place. The RD will assist the home with discharge planning as appropriate, and provides menu reviews and sign off in accordance with MOHLTC requirements. Carol and her team at Seasons Care work cooperatively with our staff to ensure that high quality nutritional care is provided to the residents of our homes at all times.

The residents have benefited from the nutritional care programs in our Homes that are developed and maintained by Seasons Care Dietitians. We look forward to continuing to provide these services to the residents and families in our homes and our ongoing association with Carol Donovan and Seasons Care.

Catherine Allison, RN GNC (C)

Director of Clinical Operations
Provincial Long Term Care, Inc.