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Seasoned – Spring 2022 Newsletter

Have a peek at our Seasoned - Spring 2022 Newsletter and learn more about our Nutrition & Food Service Division! Check out the Spring 2022 Edition of Seasoned here! If you would like to receive our Quarterly Newsletter, please scroll down below to Subscribe to Our Mailing List.

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Nutrition Month Festivities

As you know, March was Nutrition Month and this year's theme involved Dietitians exploring the key "ingredients" needed to change our food systems for a healthier tomorrow. Our Team had a lot of fun & spent the month engaging Residents & Staff in the Homes through various activities. Some of which included: Guessing games such [...]

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Spring Cleaning for Your Guts!

    Have you seen Misha's article on Spring Cleaning for Your Guts in the April edition of Caressant Care Connections? Learn more about the importance of fibre in your diet and how it can make a difference in lowering your cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels and maintaining a healthy body weight. Can you pass [...]

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Easter Dessert Alert: A Delicious Carrot Cake Recipe

There is no more classic Easter dessert than a moist carrot cake; we have scoured the internet for the best recipe! This silky cream cheese frosting is optional - it makes a sweet and decadent dessert with the frosting, but without makes for a great snack or breakfast loaf option. Ingredients: Cake: 2 cups whole-wheat [...]

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