Our President wins the Marie Taylor Award 2018!

//Our President wins the Marie Taylor Award 2018!

Our President wins the Marie Taylor Award 2018!

It is with great price and excitement that we announced that Seasons Care President, Carol Donovan, is one of the recipients of the Marie Taylor Award for Excellence in Long Term Care, Seniors Nutrition and Dietetic Practice 2018.

Although Carol was not there in person to accept the award at the recent Gerontology Network Spring Workshop, Corporate RD Twinkle Patel accepted it on her behalf.

Twinkle Patel, Corporate RD (left) accepts the Marie Taylor Award from Cherie Furlan-Craevich, GN Chair (right).


Carol was there in ‘spirit’!

On behalf of all of us at Seasons Care, a heartfelt congratulations to Carol who has been a mentor and inspiration for all of us.

Keep reading to hear Carol’s acceptance speech!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for this lovely award and recognition.  I am so very sorry that I cannot be at the Gerontology Workshop. I know I am missing a good one!

I want to sincerely thank Dilkhas Mosa and Pat Jones for nominating me for this award.  These two dietitians deserve the award themselves.  They each have a sincere passion for seniors.  I have great respect for both of them and consider them my colleagues and my friends.  Thanks so much!

Speaking of passion – Mary Taylor was the epitome of passion.  I had the opportunity to work with Marie when I was seconded to the Ministry of Health to work as a Dietary Compliance Advisor.  I was “intensely” trained by Marie.  I sat at the table with her many times – on both sides of the table actually – with the Ministry and as a client.  I witnessed her passion first hand.  She was the greatest advocate for dietitians that there ever was.  She lobbied on our behalf relentlessly.  She pushed hard for the Dietitian, the Nutrition Managers, Qualified Dietary Aides, to get Certified Chefs in the homes and perpetually for an increase in Raw Food Dollars.

Without the Marie Taylors of the world we would not be in this room today. 

Those that knew Marie knew she was a “Pitbull” when it came to an issue.  She was a broken record at times and fought hard for what she believed in.  I respect her audacity. I too can be strong and a broken record at times. I think we are making great advances as Dietitian in Long Term Care but I wish Marie was still with us today to move us even further ahead.

I will however always be a broken record when it comes to you in this room.  I am repeating myself but I think so highly of all of you. I think the dietitians in this room are the finest dietitians out there! Give yourself a round of applause! 

You deserve it!

The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in Dietitians working in the Long Term Care and Seniors Health Field in each province. Marie Taylor was a “visionary champion for the dietetic profession and an advocate for the rights and well-being of the elderly”.   This award has been established to honour her memory and perpetuate her vision.  That is what each and every one of you does on a daily basis.  I am sure Marie would be proud to have an award in her name bestowed on all of you.  I know I would be.

I know working in Long Term Care is not easy.  It can be lonely, frustrating and discouraging at times but you are here and the seniors you serve are better off for it.

I have had a great career as a dietitian.  I wish you all the same!  Let me share a few words of wisdom from an “old-timer”:

  • Don’t be afraid to be real in your practice.  No one is perfect – not I or even you – but that is ok!
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks – some risks can lead to great success
  • Don’t be afraid to love – giving a resident a hug or a kind word will do more for them in eternity than achieving a healthy BMI
  • We are people and they are people – try to lighten up and understand what a privileged position you are in – you are sharing in their last memories and moments on this earth – whenever you are frustrated because you cannot get a weight or labs done or get someone to eat – remind yourself of the honour of being in this person’s life albeit briefly.  It is an amazing revelation!
  • Don’t be afraid – period!  Let your love light shine!

I am honoured by this award and by the Gerontology Network.   Sincere thanks and much love.


Carol Donovan”

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